RTE Moscow: Embassy Holidays 2015 (January-December)

Embassy Holidays 2015 (January-December)

January 1 (Wednesday) News Year's Day
2 (Friday) New Year's holiday
5-9 (Monday-Wednesday) New Year's holiday
March 9 (Monday) International Women's Day
April 13-15 (Monday-Wednesday) Songkran Festival Holiday
May 1 (Friday) Labour Day
11 (Monday) Victory Day
June 12 (Friday) Russian National Day
July 30 (Thursday) Asalha Bucha Day
31 (Friday) Buddhist Lent Day
August 12 (Wednesday) H.M. the Queen's Birthday
OCtober 23 (Friday) King Chulalongkorn Day
December 7 (Monday) Substitute for H.M. the King's Birthday
31 (Wednesday) New Year's Eve

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